Splatoon 3 Marooner's Bay
Image: Nintendo Life

Ever since the announcement of Splatoon 3's Chill Season 2022 last week, the official @SplatoonNA Twitter account has been drip feeding us pieces of information on what we can expect to find come 1st December - it's like the game's pre-release all over again!

While we were getting excited by the announcement of the newest stage in Regular Battles - Brinewater Springs - we were not expecting Salmon Run to also be treated to such additions, but one such add-on has been announced today as the Twitter account confirmed that the Marooner's Bay stage will be returning for the game mode.

The beached ship stage first appeared in Splatoon 2 and it will join Flounder Heights as yet another returning location in the new season.

The course consists of an abandoned ship surrounded by piers and sandbars. As the above tweet not-so-cryptically warns, the lower areas of the stage become inaccessible during high tides, so the central ship becomes a hub of safety in-between egg collections.

Salmon Run is to be joined by Big Run in the new season, a fresh take on the formula which looks to up the stakes, as well as X Battles for those that prefer a more classical approach to competitive splatting. If you need a reminder of everything that was announced during the first Chill Season 2022 trailer, check out our handy coverage in the article below.

What other stages would you like to see return in Splatoon 3? Ink your thoughts in the comments below!

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