Sonic Frontiers
Image: SEGA

Sonic Frontiers has wasted no time when it comes to the release of bonus DLC. Fans of the blue blur should have already received the Sonic Adventure 2 shoes, and a few days ago, the Monster Hunter collaboration pack DLC was added to the game.

Now, in an update from Sega, the company has revealed there'll be even more free stuff added to Sonic Frontiers across multiple updates. Here's what it had to say (via PR):

"SEGA is also happy to announce that it plans on supporting Sonic Frontiers with multiple content updates that will be free to all users starting with the Monster Hunter Collaboration Pack and extending into next year."

As noted, these free updates for Sonic Frontiers will be extending well into 2023. The first Monster Hunter one, allows hunters... or should we say Sonic, to dress up in Rathalos and Felyne Rathalos outfits. He can also take a break and cook on the Hunter's BBQ set. This can be accessed at fishing points on the map.

What other free content and collabs would you like to see in Sonic Frontiers? Comment below.