Image: Sloclap

While perhaps not quite as polished as it appeared on other platforms, Sifu's Switch debut really knew how to deal out the hits when it arrived on the console earlier this month. Fortunately, Sloclap isn't pulling any punches with keeping the game up to scratch as it has announced that the Fall Title Update will be coming in December.

Based on the team's announcement tweet (which doesn't specify any consoles at the moment, so we are assuming the Switch's inclusion), it seems that the biggest add-on coming to the game will be the addition of the replay editor. Sifu's combat is smooth - real smooth - and this new tool looks to help us with making those clips extra cinematic. Like Park Chan-wook himself on the set of Oldboy, you will be able to follow the hero along corridors with your camera, focusing on certain hits and pulling back on others - cinema!

Of course, we have grown to expect more from updates these days and it looks like Sloclap are keen to deliver it. While nothing else has been officially announced at the moment, the studio replied to one tweet asking whether the title update would be adding skins to the game with a message of affirmation, promising that there is more news to come

The chance to get different skins is something that has been available to other consoles for a good few months now, so we thought that it would only be a matter of time before the Switch followed suit (pun intended). The matter of what skins will be added is still a mystery for the moment, but it's surely only a matter of time before we find out.

The Fall Title Update is due out next month. With a seasonal name like that, we can expect the update to land in early December before the winter truly sets in, though we are sure that there will be a more specific date announcement in the coming weeks.

Have you been enjoying Sifu so far? Let us know what you are hoping to see from the update in the comments below!