LEGO Mario
Image: Nintendo Life

We have seen some pretty impressive Nintendo-themed LEGO builds on the site over the years. Remember that 14-foot Bowser from Comic Con back in July? Surely nothing will be as impressive as that again, right?

Well, while it might be a little smaller than the massive dino build, this huge Mario level by Brandon Jones might just take the brick-scuit (sorry). The intricate set was detailed at this year's BrickCon, with Beyond the Brick providing the in-depth rundown below.

The build, 'Mario in Motion,' is made with over 12,000 pieces and uses 14 motors to make a number of sections move just as they do in-game - come on now, that's clever. What's really impressive, mind, is the level of detail here. The set has side-scrolling Goombas, a flying Bullet Bill, pipe-popping Piranha Plants and even a fully-functional item randomiser up top.

Truth be told, we really wish that we could buy this entire set today (not that we quite have the room, nor budget, for it). One look at that flying Goomba and we were sold!

While the build is certainly one of the more impressive that we have seen of late, Jones has said that he has no further plans for another Mario project at the moment:

This is what I had envisioned from the very beginning. It matches very closely to my original design and intent, so I don't plan to build on it any more. I'll show it at a few Cons and then possibly part it out. We'll see where all the pieces need to go.

Jones has shared some close-up photos of the build over on his Flickr account, where you can also find images of some of his previous projects.

Thanks to Patrik Westlin for the tip on this one! What do you make of this huge Mario build? Make your way down to the comments to let us know (just be careful not to step on any bricks!)