Image: via Twitter (@thetruebowser)

Nintendo of America's president Doug Bowser appears to be catching up with his bosses over at the main headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. He recently shared a shot of the office in a post on social media and followed up with photos of the new Osaka store, which is now open.

The Osaka store opened in the Daimaru Umeda building today in Japan and follows on from stores in New York and Tokyo. The goal of the company's stores is to "not only sell Nintendo-related products" but to act as a touchpoint for consumers to connect with Nintendo.

Xbox's head Phil Spencer, who has been busy building Xbox's presence within Japan for some time now, even left a reply to Doug:

Update: Doug also visited Nintendo's old headquarters that have been transformed into a hotel:

Apart from visiting these locations, it's unclear what exactly Doug is up to in Japan at the moment. A requirement of his role though is to touch base with Nintendo's HQ.

Nintendo also released its latest financial results earlier this week - revealing Switch sales have exceeded the 114 million mark. In saying this, YoY hardware sales have decreased by 19.2% due to semiconductor shortages.

If Doug gets up to anything else interesting during his time in Japan, we'll update this post.