The triforce of Zelda games
Image: Nintendo Life

We love a good tangle of theories here at NL, especially when it's anything to do with the Zelda series — a story so tangled that even its creators aren't really sure what it all means.

So this latest theory intrigues us — the idea that Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, and Tears of the Kingdom will form a triforce trilogy of games, with each one representing one of the three virtues of the triforce: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

We've already gone all-in on the idea that the three virtues are represented by the three tribes of Yiga, Sheikah, and Zonai, and this video by Naydinfar posits that the three games match up, too.

Skyward Sword, with its origin story for Demise and Ganon and its red-and-black colour themes, represents Power. Breath of the Wild, which heavily features the technologically advanced (and blue) Sheikah tribe with its Sheikah slate, shrines, guardians, and towers, represents Wisdom. So it stands to reason that Tears of the Kingdom, with its teal-green colour palette and its hints at the Zonai, represents Courage.

This theory is bolstered by the three shrines of Power, Wisdom, and Courage in Breath of the Wild each featuring hints at this theming.

The Spring of Power in Akkala is a recreation of one from Skyward Sword, linking the two games together. The Spring of Wisdom is surrounded by Malice, and has the dragon Naydra imprisoned by Ganon's dark aura, tying it to BOTW's themes. The Spring of Courage, on the other hand, is found in the Zonai Ruins, surrounded by Zonai architecture and dragon statues.

You can read more about what the Zonai and Sheikah hints in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom mean in our trailer breakdowns and theory features:

What do you think? Is Tears of the Kingdom the missing piece of the triforce puzzle, or are we just going a bit nuts with speculation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!