Pokémon Scarlet Violet
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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (Nintendo, 18th Nov, $59.99) - Are you ready to catch, battle and train Pokémon in the wide-open world of the Paldea region? Choose either Sprigatito, Fuecoco or Quaxly as your first partner Pokémon and set off on your journey in a vibrant and expansive open world – one welcoming to expert Trainers and newcomers alike. There is no set path on your Paldea adventure, so you can weave freely through your Treasure Hunt consisting of three grand stories. And thanks to the Terastal Phenomenon, certain Pokémon you discover will shine and glimmer with special power. Plus, trade, battle and explore with friends and family in local wireless or online* multiplayer** gameplay, opening the door to an adventure for every kind of Trainer! - Read our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet review

Just Dance 2023 Edition (Ubisoft, 22nd Nov, TBA) - Get ready to discover a never-ending party experience! Now with additional modes, personalization, 3D immersive worlds and new songs, you can experience a dance party all year long. And for the first time, dance to record-breaking South Korean boy band BTS with “Dynamite” and other new tracks from the latest hits to classic oldies. Play with up to five friends in local play** and online* multiplayer with cross-play where you can create private groups, pick your favorite songs and discover a new era of dance.

Bravery and Greed (Team17, 15th Nov, $19.99) - Bravery and Greed is a beat ’em up, roguelite, dungeon brawler for up to four players. Choose from four classic fantasy classes, engage in a deep robust combat system and play a variety of co-operative and competitive game modes with friends via local and online* play. Get rich or die trying! Gather your squad and combat your way through Bravery and Greed.

Finding Paradise (X.D. Network, 18th Nov, $11.99) - In Finding Paradise, Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts have a peculiar job: They perform an operation that allows their patients to relive their lives from the very beginning. This special operation is done to only those who are at the end of their lives, giving them a second chance to redo what they wish they had done in the past, but didn't. Finding Paradise is the second episode of the To the Moon series. It follows the life of the doctors’ new patient, Colin, as they attempt to unravel a life that is split down the middle and fulfill a wish that appears to be self-contradictory by nature.

Switch eShop - New Releases

Arcade Archives BARADUKE (HAMSTER, 10th Nov, $7.99) - "BARADUKE" is an action game released by NAMCO (Bandai Namco Entertainment) in 1985. The peaceful, friendly world of PACCET has been attacked by the evil OCTY! Make your way through BARADUKE, the underground OCTY citadel beneath PACCET, and use your Wave Gun and Shield to take out the OCTY!

Big Kids Games Collection Bundle 6-in-1 Funny Educational Children & Toddler Learning Pack (McPeppergames, 10th Nov, $49.99) - This children's games learning pack contains 6 fantastic children's games! By purchasing the package you save over 50% of the purchase price compared to buying the games individually! The games bundle is for children aged 0-8.

Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains (PROTOTYPE, 11th Nov, $44.99)- Tokyo. The year is 1918, a dark age for the world. In this tale of love and hate, five young men pursue the daughter of an aristocratic family on the verge of ruin. "Butterfly's Poison; Blood Chains" (Chou no Doku), the beloved visual novel conquering people's hearts with its mature love story, is now available in English and Japanese on Nintendo Switch™ system!

Chompy Chomp Chomp Party (Utopian Sandwich, 17th Nov, $9.99) - Invite your friends and family to join you for a Chompy Chomp Chomp Party. A chaotic and fun local multiplayer game for up to 8 players that will bring joy and laughter to the room. Customisable down to the finest detail, a variety of novel and exciting game modes with infinite levels, so no two games are ever the same.

Corner Driver (Gametry, 11th Nov, $2.49) - When you play Corner Driver you have the intense Pacman-like experience but also the fear of avoiding police cars, as getting caught by them will diminish your chances. Corner Driver is a very intense, fun game and also a casual one with creative gameplay ideas.

Cronostase Electric Collection (Penguin Pop Games, 16th Nov, $7.99) - A collection of 7 different puzzle game modes (each with 50 levels) based on the box-pushing “Sokoban” genre of games. The game modes are all circuitry/electricity themed, but don't worry: prior knowledge of circuitry is not necessary.

Extinction Eclipse (TuanisApps, 17th Nov, $14.99) - Explore space, conquer asteroid fields to mine and extract resources. Build a fleet of spaceships and destroy the enemies in this new space action-strategy adventure. Defend Humanity against an alien invader who aims to freeze Earth. The Story Mode is divided into campaigns with several missions each. Completing a campaign will unlock others so you can play in a non-linear way. You decide the path to victory. The Skirmish Mode allows you to configure the match: map size, goal, initial fleet and upgrades, etc. The world will then be procedurally generated, offering a unique experience every time! Extinction Eclipse is a space action strategy game, where you are in command of the human forces in their effort to find the necessary resources to build a fleet. You start with only a couple of miner ships and a probe, and your mission is to find and conquer asteroid fields that can be mined, in order to extract their precious metals and water.

First Time in Rome – Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 10th Nov, $11.99) - Kate Robinson and her daughter Nicole are back and ready to explore another new city for the first time! This time, Kate is working on a big job with a local tourism agency in Italy’s beautiful capital, Rome! Can Kate and Nicole enjoy everything the city has to offer and still find time to complete the assignment? Find out in this adventurous new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Happy Animals Mini Golf (LLC ROOM710GAMES, 17th Nov, $4.99) - Happy Animals Mini Golf is a miniature version of golf in which participants compete by hitting a small ball into the hole with their clubs, trying to cover the distance in the minimum number of strokes. Have fun with your furry friends and prove that you are the best mini golf player! And don't forget to collect all the stars on your way to the hole!

Heidelberg 1693 (RED ART GAMES, $14.99, 18th Nov) - Heidelberg 1693 is a challenging 2D Action platformer set in a zombie-infested version of 17th century Germany in which the player takes control of one of French King Louis XIV’s famous musketeers. The game adds a layer of tactical combat to the genre by introducing the weapon of choice of musketeers: the musket. Players will be able to fire one powerful - and very effective- musket shot at a time. The weapon must be used wisely because of its long reset time though. Heidelberg 1693 tells its somber story - featuring real locations and historical figures - across multiple paths and endings.

In Extremis DX (QUByte Interactive, 17th Nov, $4.99) - In Extremis DX is a shoot'em up game that aims to bring an engaging and fun experience to the player, while also experimenting with the nature of the language of videogames. Taking inspiration from sources such as centuries-old mysticism to contemporary pop-culture, In Extremis suits itself for all kinds of players with smart level design and multiple ways of tackling challenges. Offering challenges and secrets, In Extremis tries to bridge the gap between art and fun, the underground and the mainstream, and the old and the new.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Belgium through the Lens (SOFT SOURCE, 10th Nov, $14.99) - Jigsaw Puzzle: Belgium Through The Lens is a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game. Gizmo the globetrotter dog is visiting his friend, the well known Belgian photographer Nano. Through the beautiful pictures Nano took over the years of his home country the player will get an impression of the wonders Belgium has to offer. From people, animals and objects to art, culture, history and architecture. There are 34 categories with 10 different puzzles each with the number of pieces ranging from 4 (very simple) to 625 pieces (puzzle expert). Enjoy a personal zen moment filled with casual gaming by solving easy, intermediate and more challenging digital jigsaw puzzles with an ever increasing number of pieces to puzzle together. Accompanied by relaxing music and at a leisurely pace you will find bliss in this adventure through one of Europe's most beautiful countries.

Labyrinth: Classic Pinball Puzzle (Megame, 10th Nov, $9.99) - Your task is to roll the ball to the end of the maze through all the obstacles. At first glance, the task may seem simple, but the obstacles can be very insidious! One wrong move and the level will have to start from the beginning. The ball is controlled using the Joy-Con™️ or the gyroscope (we recommend using the gyroscope for total immersion). Show miracles of agility and manoeuvrability to complete each level!

Madorica Real Estate 2 -The mystery of the new property- (GIFT TEN INDUSTRY, 9th Nov, $18.99) - In this game, visit properties and solve puzzles by noting down information and clues on a printed floor plan. Folding, cutting and rolling the floor plans will be vital to beating the game. Each of the 20 stages contains various themes and challenges, including puzzles that involve sound and color. Most stages can be completed in 30 minutes, but some of the larger stages will take more than an hour to solve! If you like solving riddles but aren't sure you can beat the game, don't worry! If you get stuck, there's a hint function that can help you solve each puzzle. There are also explanatory videos that make it easy for first-timers and beginner puzzle-solvers to play too.

Martial Knight (Smashbyte Games, 15th Nov, $6.43) - Train with inspirational avatars in amazing sceneries to gain fitness, strength and personal power! Martial Knight is a creative and enjoyable way to a healthier and happier you, both physically and mentally. This is the moment to awaken your own inner superhero! Now you can access the training methods of the great kung fu masters anywhere, anytime. They are ready and waiting for you to take action. Complete all 15 levels and become a Martial Knight. Experience the transformation for yourself! The future is in your hands!

McPixel 3 (Devolver Digital, 14th Nov, $9.99) - McPixel 3 is a mind-blowing save-the-day adventure that sees the titular wanna-be hero avert one disaster after another at every turn using unconventional yet entertaining methods of mayhem. Avert one disaster after another at every turn using unconventional yet entertaining methods of mayhem including - but not limited to - summoning a spider-billionaire, having a BBQ in his pants, punching a T-Rex into outer space, peeing into sports cars, and kicking Fork Parker in the balls.

Montgomery Fox And The Case Of The Diamond Necklace (Ocean Media, 10th Nov, $14.99) - Montgomery Fox and the Case of the Diamond Necklace sets the stage for an exciting Hidden Object investigation. When crime strikes the countryside, only a famous city detective can solve the case. He'll soon discover there's more to this case than meets the eye! Set for a journey, meet different characters, find clues and finally unravel a riveting mystery in this fun and colourful hidden object adventure game! Enjoy bright and lighthearted levels and locations, with no time limit or pressure of any kind.

Montgomery Fox And The Revenge Of Victor Draven (Ocean Media, 10th Nov, $14.99) - For the police, it's an easy case because the surveillance camera recorded the identity of the thief very "accurately". Funny thing is - at the time of the robbery, he was in another city. Unfortunately, not even a single witness can confirm this. And a thief who is not a thief really has a serious problem ahead of him. Join this "thief" in his quest to prove his innocence. Will he succeed? Will he unravel the mystery of the "Man with a Thousand Faces"? Will he be able to determine the identity of the mysterious painter? And will he manage to prove that Victor Draven is behind everything? In the end, will he remain free or will he face a long prison sentence? Find out in this colorful and relaxing hidden object adventure game! You guessed right. The picture was stolen by none other than Detective Montgomery Fox! Play it by yourself or with your kids, this game makes a perfect choice for every hidden object fan.

My Fantastic Ranch (Nacon, 17th Nov, $39.99) - Train dragons and unicorns in your fantastic ranch. Take care of them and build relationships between them and students through riding lessons. Become the most famous ranch in the enchanted kingdom! Take riding, flying and aerobatics lessons on the back of unicorns and dragons! Train dragons and unicorns in your fantastic ranch. Build the perfect ranch to raise these magical creatures and become the best trainer in the enchanted kingdom!

Pid (RedDeerGames, 18th Nov, $19.99) - Pid is a platforming puzzle game set in an unfamiliar land, full of unique enemies and unlikely allies. One of which is the force of gravity! Play alone or along with a friend. Sink into the calming soundtrack and enjoy the easy-to-understand gameplay of Pid. The only way to win is through cracking all of the puzzles which will not be easy.

Pixel Game Maker Series VERZEUS (Gotcha Gotcha Games, 17th Nov, $11.99) - The 7th installment of the fictional "GAME BUDDY" portable game console series. Here comes the horizontal shooter!

Puzzle by Nikoli S Slitherlink (HAMSTER, 10th Nov, $4.99) - In this - one of Nikoli's most awesome original puzzles - you connect the dots to make a single ring. "Slitherlink" is a puzzle in which you connect dots with a line according to the rules. The greatest attraction is the fact that there exist an unlimited number of set sequences known as "theorems". With this puzzle, you can actually feel your own skill level rising with each theorem you learn. The options menu, manual, and other text are available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Puzzle Collection: Complete Edition (Soroka Games, 12th Nov, $8.48) - If you love jigsaw puzzles, this is the right place to solve a dozen of amazing puzzles! Puzzle Collection: Complete Edition is 66 beautiful puzzles you can solve on the go! Don’t miss this perfect collection of puzzles!

Puzzle Games Bundle (5 in 1) (Drageus Games, 18th Nov, $14.99) - Includes TACTICAL MIND, TACTICAL MIND 2, ARCHAICA: THE PATH OF LIGHT, ISLAND MAZE, and MUSHROOM QUEST.

Q REMASTERED (liica, 17th Nov, $6.80) - The masterpiece of physics puzzles, "Q" is coming to Nintendo Switch™️! This is a game of solving in the form you drew. It contains more than 1,200 very simple but not straightforward Qs. All the ways to solve it are open-ended! Can you get the ball out of the glass? Can you hit the ball to the wall? Don't know what I'm talking about? If you're confident, by all means give it a shot!

Quantum Storm (SimFabric, 18th Nov, $4.99) - The Quantum Computer has become self-aware! Destroy its image library before it learns enough to take over the world... Breakout Arcade Game with 300 retro levels prepared by Clive Townsend, famous 8-bit game designer.

RWBY: Arrowfell (WayForward, 15th Nov, $29.99) - Dive into an explosive new RWBY action-adventure! Instantly switch between all four members of Team RWBY — Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long — and use their signature weapons and Semblances to battle the Creatures of Grimm and other foes in this in-canon story set during RWBY Volume 7. Featuring voiceovers from RWBY's original cast, all-new cutscenes from the team behind the show, and a brand-new theme song by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams, RWBY: Arrowfell lets you explore Atlas and the surrounding areas to solve environmental puzzles, slay massive bosses, power up with Skill Points, and interact with characters such as Penny, Winter, and General Ironwood, as well as the enigmatic new team of Huntresses, Team BRIR! Only Team RWBY can protect Remnant from a mysterious new threat in RWBY: Arrowfell!

Saint Kotar (Soedesco, 22nd Nov, $34.99) - In this story-and-choice driven psychological horror detective game, you play as Benedek and Nikolay – two troubled godly men in search for their missing relative in an ancient God-devoted town called Sveti Kotar. Here, an unknown presence preys upon the weak and sways on devil worship and witchcraft. Evidence points to your missing relative being involved in the grisly murders and the occult, but what is the truth? Are you also to blame for what happened? Will you put the pieces together and unravel the truth behind the town's centuries-old horrid presence? Or is madness going to be your fate?

Slime’s Journey (Ratalaika Games, 18th Nov, $4.99) - In a fairy tale kingdom, there were two lovely slimes who loved each other so much. One day, these two loving slimes were abducted by a powerful shaman looking to use them as ingredients for an evil potion. But the slime couple’s small child was left behind, and is now the only hope to save his parents. Slime's Journey is a retro style mini-metroidvania about a very valiant and young slime who needs to fight against many dangerous creatures to find his parents.

Starsand (Toplitz Productions, 17th Nov, $19.99) - Your day started as planned. Motivated and full of ambition you started the run of your life, in the middle of the desert, surrounded by like-minded people. The months of hard training should finally bear fruit. Suddenly, you were caught in a monstrous sandstorm and now you find yourself alone in an inhospitable, hot environment. Deserted and merciless, an ocean of sand stretches to the horizon. You feel the scorching heat on your skin, sand blowing right at your face, far and wide only vast desert . . . but wait, what is that? Something is moving in the far distance. What happened? Your first thought: Survival. Your second thought: Rescue will surely come. The bitter realization: No one will come, you are completely on your own. The big question: Where are you and why are there two moons in the night sky? Open world Starsand is a desert survival game that will take you to an open world that looks like Earth but feels much different.

Succubus With Guns (Sometimes You, 18th Nov, $9.99) - You're playing as a demoness called by lay occultists. During the summoning ritual, they made a mistake and raised the dead, while turning themselves into zombies. Now you have to return home by jumping to other worlds through portals, all while making your way through the hordes of the undead. What's the game all about? It is a simple campaign-style, third-person shooter. As you progress through the game, look for new weapons and hidden ammo. Use them wisely: it's not so easy to beat the undead in combat.

Super Toy Cars Collection (Eclipse Games, 18th Nov, $29.99) - Super Toy Cars Collection includes all 3 Super Toy Cars games bundled together: Super Toy Cars, Super Toy Cars 2 and Super Toy Cars Offroad. You will be able to experience arcade racing controlling more than 55 small toy cars in total over more than 45 levels combined. Navigate your way through tracks made of supersized everyday objects such as toys, burgers, pipes, sandcastles, music instruments, and all sorts of crazy objects. Cause mayhem all over the place with the cool different power-ups and make sure you're the first one to cross the finish line!

The Awakening of Mummies (Silesia Games, 17th Nov, $2.99) - The Mummies are trapped inside the Pyramid where the evil Pharaoh Cleo has imprisoned them. Use your puzzle-solving skills to guide all the Mummies through the various chambers, but watch out for traps! Control the group of Mummies together as you navigate holes, crumbling floors, spears that come out of the ground, and more! Collect the specific Runes of each Mummy and arrive with all of them, at the same time, to their respective Totems and then open the door and move to the next chamber of the pyramid.

The Closed Circle (Regista, 17th Nov, $10.99) - Eight girls are trapped in a closed circle. Time passes as they move from room to room, and one by one, the girls' lives are threatened. Get them out safely and solve the riddles scattered throughout the building!

The Kingdom of Gardenia (Little Ricebowl, 15th Nov, $7.99) - You are Roman, an orphan and former soldier, seeking gainful employment. After coming across a mysterious job advertisement in your local newspaper, you hop on the next train to the Kingdom of Gardenia, to meet King Theseus IV and see what's what. As grounds keeper, and interim steward of the West Garden, you will cater for the needs of visitors by getting to know them, serving their favourite food, impressing them with the wealth of the kingdom and delighting them with their favourite flowers, trees, or furnishings. Beware though, there is an evil presence lurking in the shadows, trying to undo your good work!

The Lost Labyrinth (Green Sauce Games, 17th Nov, $19.99) - Enter The Lost Labyrinth, as Sophie awakes to find herself in an eerie and perilous place, crowded with mysterious creatures. Can Sophie overcome the dangers, and free the tormented creatures? Discover a breathtaking adventure through the many mazes of a cursed labyrinth. Explore its mysteries and secrets, and fight against the dangers that await those who dare to enter The Lost Labyrinth.

The Oregon Trail (Gameloft, 14th Nov, $29.99) - You are Roman, an orphan and former soldier, seeking gainful employment. After coming across a mysterious job advertisement in your local newspaper, you hop on the next train to the Kingdom of Gardenia, to meet King Theseus IV and see what's what. As grounds keeper, and interim steward of the West Garden, you will cater for the needs of visitors by getting to know them, serving their favourite food, impressing them with the wealth of the kingdom and delighting them with their favourite flowers, trees, or furnishings. Beware though, there is an evil presence lurking in the shadows, trying to undo your good work!

Ultimate ADOM – Caverns of Chaos (Assemble Entertainment, 17th Nov, $19.99) - Experience the modern reimagining of a traditional roguelike dungeon-crawling classic. Endless procedurally generated dungeons, countless monsters, grafting, crafting and a vast amount of skill trees and items allow for unlimited replayability.

War of Ships (Gametry, 11th Nov, $2.49) - War of Ships introduces the ultimate ship battle. Your focus is to eliminate all the enemies found on the seas, while also gathering treasure along the way. Stay within the designated parameter and eliminate all the enemies as you become the victorious player. Also, the treasure you accumulate in-game can be used on a multitude of new ships or as an upgrade for the current ship. You can upgrade anything from the moving speed to damage, health, cannons or current attack types!

Wobbledogs Console Edition (Secret Mode, 17th Nov, $19.99) - Wobbledogs is a 3D pet simulation where you raise your own personal hive of rapidly mutating dogs, physically simulated all the way down to their guts! It’s a casual and chill sandbox experience for players of all ages who want to care for their very own virtual pets in a surprising, unique, and stress-free environment. The dogs start out relatively normal, but mutate and behave in surprising ways as the game progresses and their evolutionary lines advance.

World Class Champion Soccer (Gametry, 17th Nov, $10.99) - Enjoy thrilling victories with dribbling and shooting! It is a soccer game in which you can compete with players from each country with great free kicks and dribbles by touching the screen directly. Choose your nationality and try to win the championship! Become a hero of victory with your own sensual play of soccer. Leveling up increases the player's individual skills and allows them to score goals with better free kicks and dribbles. Grow into a World Class and make your country win and raise the World Champions Cup!

WWII Tank Battle Arena (Pix Arts, 11th Nov, $3.99) - As an American Army Captain during World War II, you take the lead of a fleet of allies tanks fighting throughout Europe against axis armies. In this arena game, you will have to show your skills to defeat enemies while saving your life and those of your soldiers. Designed to be as close to reality in terms of tanks driving and shooting, the game offers two types of fights, classical, where you have to reload your gun like in a standard tank, and mayhem fight, with heavy shooting aka very fast gun reloading. Allies forces need you, Captain!

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