Front Mission 1st
Image: Forever Entertainment

Last week we got a release date for Forever Entertainment's Front Mission 1st: Remake, a remake of the original Super Famicom Front Mission game. And following a gameplay reveal on Thursday, the developer has revealed that you'll be able to choose between 'Classic' and 'Modern' modes, which will keep both newcomers and fans happy (thanks, Siliconera!).

In the brief clip, shared on Twitter, Forever Entertainment has compared the two modes to one another. Classic mode is closer to the old-school style of the original release, with a fixed orthogonal camera and the original soundtrack. Modern mode, however, gives you a remastered soundtrack, a different camera angle (with the ability to change the camera angle), and brings in other fixes and tweaks.

The differences are pretty minor on the surface, though we love the old-school look of classic mode, and it reminds us of playing SRPGs way back in the '90s but with slightly more modern visuals. Take a look for yourselves!

So far, it looks like the classic soundtrack and modern soundtrack are locked to their respective modes, but we'll keep an eye out in case that changes!

Front Mission 1st: Remake launches on Switch eShop on 30th November, just in case your month wasn't packed enough!

Which mode will you be playing Front Mission 1st in? Board your Wanzer and make your way down to the comments!

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