Omega 6
Image: Omaké Books

Just last week we heard that Takaya Imamura was all set to release his debut manga, Omega 6, after years of iconic art work for Nintendo. This news gets all the more exciting today, as we have learned that Imamura is working to bring a version of his manga universe to a Switch game next year (thanks, Gematsu).

Omega 6: The Video Game - we have heard more creative titles in the past, we'll admit - will see Imamura return to the seat of art director, while Happymeal studios are set to be working on the development side of things.

Imamura's manga (currently only available in French) follows two bounty hunters sent on a mission to find a planet which could replace Earth. The video game is set to include the original main characters - Thunder and Kaira - though it will deviate from the penned story, introducing new characters and plot beats that those who have read the manga will be unaware of.

Omega 6: The Video Game
Image: Happymeal

Happymeal has stated that the game will be released in 2023 and even released the above image showing the game's development so far. Imamura also teased some more of the 16-bit art style in a tweet which followed the game's official announcement (below). While it isn't a lot to go on so far, those retro visuals have got us excited nonetheless.

Omega 6: The Video Game will take the form of a text adventure game set within the universe of Imamura's manga, though this core text-focus will also allow for a number of battle sequences throughout.

While the manga is only available in French for the moment, the game is set to support English, French and Japanese language options and is planned for a worldwide release.

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