Omega 6
Image: Omaké Books

Though he retired from Nintendo in 2021, Takaya Imamura has been behind some of the company's most iconic characters. Working on titles including F-Zero, Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and many more, you could say that he is something of a wiz with the pen (understatement of the year), and now Imamura has turned his talents to manga (thanks, Manga-News).

A slight departure from the world of video games, Imamura's debut manga, Omega 6, is now available to buy from publishers Omaké Books for €7.90 (around £8).

The book is currently only available in French and there is no sign of an English language translation on the way for the moment. This being said, Imamura's art shines through regardless, opting for a classical blackout style which stands out against his brighter Nintendo works.

Coming from the mind behind the iconic looks of Captain Falco, Fox McCloud and everybody's favourite man-fairy Tingle, the manga has definitely piqued our interest. While it may not be a total substitute for more original video game work, branching out into another medium is a move that has to be respected.

For those who want to find out more about the legendary Nintendo artist, check out the following article where we went through the highlights of his video game career.

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