Unpacking Screenshot
Image: Humble Games

Unpacking is one of 2021's best releases. A puzzle game all about unpacking boxes and filling your house with stuff, Witch Beam Games managed to make moving a lot less stressful. It's a lovely game to play on Switch while you're unwinding on the sofa — make sure you bring blankets, too.

Today, on the game's 1st anniversary, the developer has revealed that Unpacking has sold over 1 million copies across multiple platforms, which is fantastic news!

On the game's official Twitter, the developer shared its "favorite stats" for the hit title, which include how many players flushed every single toilet.

Back when it was first released, Unpacking managed to sell over 100k units in just ten days, so it's clear this wonderful little title resonated with so many. It's got a heartfelt story about change, and even with little dialogue, you'll shed a tear or two towards the end.

Witch Beam is currently working on its next title, which it hasn't officially announced yet. However, there's a clue hidden somewhere in the game — has anyone found it yet?

Have you played Unpacking? Are you happy about these figures? Unbox your thoughts down below.

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