Fans of any and all genres will be interested to hear that Team17 and Rekka Games are bringing Bravery & Greed - the multiplayer, beat 'em up, roguelite, dungeon brawler - to Switch today with swords a-swinging and arrows a-flying.

We last heard of the title back at the Gamescom Future Games Show in August where we got to see a little bit of footage showing this fantasy world in action with the tentative release date of "Fall 2022". After a few months of relative silence on the matter, we now know not only that the game is coming soon, but it's coming really soon - today (15th November, 2022) at 5pm GMT / 6pm EST / 9am PST, to be precise.

The game will see you playing as one of four classic fantasy heroes (rogue, wizard, warrior, Amazon - you get the idea) as you fight your way through a series of procedurally generated, side-scrolling dungeons, taking on little foot soldiers and big bosses. There's up to four player online or local multiplayer too, so we see it as having good potential for putting together a fellowship of your own as you take on the adventure (costumes permitting).

For a closer look at some of the game's features and some new screens, check out the following from Team17:

- Treasure hunt solo or with friends: Jump into the fun with up to four-player online and local co-operative gameplay, with a variety of both PvE and PvP game modes
- Unleash the magic: Parry, dodge, and juggle abilities to unleash devastating attacks on mighty foes, bosses, and even unsuspecting allies
- Choose from classic archetypes: Choose from four different and unique classes; Rogue, Warrior, Wizard, and Amazon, all boasting their own skills and specialities
- Follow your path: Four different skill trees await, each offering up perks that will affect gameplay, but beware, once a path is chosen the player is committed to it until death
- Find help along the way: Hidden throughout the levels, humanoid and animal followers can be acquired to fight alongside players, helping usher them towards the glorious gold and treasure that awaits.

Those who have watched the above launch trailer and are wondering why that narration summons such feelings of nostalgic fantasy might recognise the mighty tones as belonging to none other than Hugo Myatt - yep, Treguard from the late-80s/early-90s children's TV show, Knightmare. Now that's a cameo we weren't expecting.

Bravery & Greed launches on Switch today (15th November) from 5pm GMT.

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