We are but a few short days away from the Switch release of No Man's Sky on October 7th and it is fair to say that we have been nervous to see how this frankly massive game would run on Nintendo's little console.

Following a huge update to the game as we currently find it out in the wild, it seemed unlikely that the Switch would be able to handle the large amount of interstellar content required to keep No Man's Sky the experience that people have come to love since it launched back in August 2016. When we discovered that it would be coming to Switch, our curiosity about the project's scope and the inevitable compromises to get it running on Nintendo's hardware grew further.

Now, we have had the opportunity to visit Hello Games and get our hands on an early version of the game to find out whether our fears were ever justified. The answer: well, we wouldn't tell you that here, now would we! You will have to watch the above video to find out, but we will say we were pleasantly surprised at what the developer has managed to accomplish.

If that isn't enough No Man's Sky content for your eyeballs, then be sure to check out our short b-roll gameplay showcase below, too, plus our interview with Hello Games' Sean Murray.

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