No Man's Sky
Image: Hello Games

News of Hello Games' Switch release of No Man's Sky on 7th October has us all fizzing with excitement to blast off into outer space on Nintendo's console. And with today's Endurance update hitting the game on Playstation, Xbox and PC, our expectations are rocketing even higher.

No Man's Sky hardly had the smoothest landing when it first hit consoles back in 2016, but with continuous updates and work, Hello Games has managed to pull players around to the joys of space exploration. No update, however, has offered quite as much as today's Endurance patch, which brings a whole new level of customisation to your interplanetary travels.

Hello Games' founder, Sean Murray, tweeted the announcement earlier today, clarifying that the new update provides a complete overhaul of freighters, a whole new bridge, interactive crew members and a whole bunch more:

To get a taste of just how big the update is, take a look at the official and substantial patch notes before browsing a selection of images below which demonstrate the multitude of new features in action...

Customisation options aside, would you look at the size of those asteroid fields! We can't wait to get progressively worn down by their impact on our ship — emotional breakdown imminent in 5, 4, 3...

The No Man's Sky official website still maintains that the upcoming Switch release will contain 'six years of content from 20 updates,' and Eurogamer has confirmed that the Endurance update will, indeed, be a part of this Switch mega bundle when it launches in October.

It seems like Hello Games really is ready to take us to infinity and beyond. The question is: Will Switch be able to handle it?

What do you think of the latest update? Are you excited to take the game for a spin on Switch? Let us know in the comments below.