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If there's a Nintendo console that's absolutely loaded with stellar RPGs, it's the Super Nintendo. This little system is filled to the brim with classics from Squaresoft), Enix (prior to merging with Square), Nintendo, Capcom, and tons more. Terranigma, from developer Quintet, is one of the standouts, despite not releasing in North America, but that hasn't stopped fans — and its creators — from continually celebrating this masterpiece.

Yesterday, manga artist Kamui Fujiwara shared what he calls 'Terranigma Special Movie' on YouTube (thanks, ResetEra!). Fujiwara, who designed many of the SNES game's characters, and other artists who worked on the original game, got together to gather a bunch of artwork and compile it into a lovely 22-minute tribute video for the game's 27th anniversary.

As you'd expect from a Terranigma showcase, it's beautiful, and a real showcase of the game's emotional and artistic merits. We definitely shed a tear as the music started playing and the warm images switched to concept art, scenes of danger, dramatic music, and snippets of text.

Of course, this is getting a lot of people excited. Terranigma is part of a loose trilogy of games made by Quintet, which includes Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia, and we think at least Terranigma (or really all three) deserve a port of some sort — although we'd take an HD-2D remake!

Fujiwara has said that the team plans to release a higher-resolution version of the video, as well as adjust the music and English captions. Unfortunately, this likely doesn't mean much besides a celebration of one of the SNES's very best games. But we're really glad to see it mentioned once again. We can pray though, right?

Last year, the original team banded together to form a petition to bring back Terranigma. And we also had the chance to speak to Fujiwara about the project and the new art. Fujiwara has continued to share artwork on his Twitter account, so go and give him a follow if you're a Terranigma fan!

What do you think of the video? Would you like to see Terranigma make a comeback? Make a wish in the comments with us!

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