Star Wars: KOTOR II

It's officially October, and technically - we're now out of the third quarter of 2022. While it might not seem like a big deal, it's become quite a talking point for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II fans who picked up the Switch version of the game.

Not long after the June 8th launch, Aspyr mentioned on its official website how the Sith Lord DLC for KOTOR II on Nintendo Switch would be released by Q3 2022:

When will this DLC be available?: "This DLC will be released in Q3 2022."

It's got players across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit wondering what's going on - with some describing Aspyr's communication as being "completely radio silent" over the past few months and noting how it has "officially missed" its own deadline. Here's just a small sample:

Some fans are just asking for a status update on the DLC:

"Yeah, bad innit... was the main draw of the Switch version for me, and the silence on it is poor. I'm sure it'll turn up eventually, but some word on it from the devs is needed at this stage." (via Reddit)

In recent months, Aspyr has reportedly been removed from the KOTOR remake project. According to a story by Bloomberg, Embracer Group now has Saber Interactive's Eastern European Studios working on this game.

When the Sith Lords Restored Content DLC is released, it will be available as a "free DLC" in the Nintendo Switch eShop. It comes packed with additional missions, dialogue options, encounters and much more. Here's a rundown via Aspyr's website:

- New HK Manufacturing Plant Mission - Play as your droid companion HK-47 and explore a mysterious HK Manufacturing Plant beneath the Telos military base.

- New Revamped Ending - Experience the final level in a new way, with greater interactions from your party members and added focus on your past choices.

- Livelier Crew Conversations - Get to know your crew on board the Ebon Hawk even better with additional lines of dialogue and interactions.

- Bonus Quests & Challenges - Discover even more quests and combat encounters scattered on various planets around the galaxy for an extra challenge.

It's worth noting the base game save files will not be compatible with The Sith Lords Restored Content DLC, but players will still be able to access previous saves by disabling the DLC content from the main menu. You can read more about this in our previous story.

Nintendo Life has reached out to an Aspyr representative for comment about when this DLC will be released. If we hear any updates or developments, we'll let you know.