Super Mario
Image: Nintendo

We've now all had time to listen to what Chris Pratt sounds like in the first teaser trailer of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, so we're curious to know about your initial impressions.

Yes, we've spoken about the design of the character in this new animated film, but what did you think of the new voice when you first heard it? Chris Pratt, who has done a number of voice acting roles before, has been hyping it up for months now - previously stating how it would be "unlike anything you've heard in the Mario world".

So, what do you think - does Mario's movie sound like what you expected it to? What do you think of the other VA work featured within the teaser? Vote in our poll and give us your initial impressions in the comments.

What's your initial impression of Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario?
What did you think of the other voice work in the teaser?