Mario Movie
Image: Nintendo Life

Well folks, there it is!

We've finally got our first look at the Super Mario Bros. Movie and we're actually loving what we've seen so far! It didn't go too hard on the fan service and the voices actually sound pretty good for the most part.

While the trailer itself was packed with interesting story beats, there wasn't a heap of characters revealed. Nevertheless, we're going to take a look at all of the major players that feature in the debut trailer and see what their roles might be in the movie itself.

So without further ado, let's get cracking!


Mario Movie - Mario
Image: Nintendo / Universal

The main man himself! We have to admit, we were a teeny bit put off by Chris Pratt's voice at first, but it's honestly not as egregious as we feared. We might even come to love it in time!

Clearly, however, Mario doesn't belong in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is a bit odd. It begs the question, too: where did he come from? Did real-life Chris Pratt / Mario get transported into the world of Super Mario Bros.?! Lots of questions need answering here, we think.

Nevertheless, he's looking pretty great!


Mario Movie - Bowser
Image: Nintendo / Universal

Oh boy. Another character we weren't looking forward to hearing, but Jack Black absolutely nailed this one. Bowser looks every bit as fearsome as he should while still retaining a hint of that goofy quality from the game franchise.

The way he just ruthlessly torched the Penguins' home, though... Brutal!


Mario Movie - Toad
Image: Nintendo / Universal

OH MY GOD TOAD IS ADORABLE. Seriously, how cute is this guy?! We reckon he's going to be the breakout star of the movie and provide a lot of comic relief when times might seem dire for Mario and Co. It's clear he's all set up to be a kind of guide for the Mushroom Kingdom, introducing Mario to the citizens, the town, and of course, our beloved Princess Peach.


Mario Movie - Luigi
Image: Nintendo / Universal

Okay, so Luigi appearing in what is clearly a horror-inspired clip is simply perfect. It's obviously a nod to his starring role in the Luigi's Mansion series, and we see him here running for dear life away from a bunch of admittedly pretty scary looking Dry Bones!


Mario Movie - Kamek
Image: Nintendo / Universal

We're assuming this is Kamek, but it could just as easily be a standard Magikoopa. Either way, this little dude clearly has quite a high standing in Bowser's army, introducing the man of the hour after a pretty epic period of set-up. We loved his little magic trick part way through, even if it did result in a bunch of Penguins flying across the ground. Poor things...


Mario Movie - Koopas
Image: Nintendo / Universal

Bowser's Koopa minions look pretty cool, all told, and will likely serve as "cannon fodder" against Mario and his friends. Here they are standing over the fallen Penguin folk and they're looking surprisingly menacing; honestly, we love how sinister the bad guys look in this movie!


Mario Movie - Penguins
Image: Nintendo / Universal

Ohh those poor little guys. The Penguin Kingdom comes under attack from Bowser and his minions, but these fearless bunch simply did not go down without a fight. Granted, chucking a bunch of snowballs at Bowser was never going to do much damage, but you have to admire their tenacity!

Dry Bones

Mario Movie - Dry Bones
Image: Nintendo / Universal

As mentioned earlier, the Dry Bones characters look to be chasing Luigi through a section of Bowser's Castle exterior, before Luigi manages to loosely barricade himself behind a door. These guys look seriously cool; we love their glowing red eyes!

That's it for now! Hopefully we'll get a glimpse at some more characters in the month ahead, including the likes of Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. For now, let's just bask in the glory of the debut trailer once again, shall we..?

Who's your favourite character from the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer? Tell us in the comments below!