Update [Thu 13th Oct, 2022 17:30]: Sega has now officially released the trailer on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel. Obviously, someone accidentally pressed the wrong button earlier today a little too fast. Enjoy!

Original article [Thu 13th Oct, 2022 10:30 BST]: We have known for a while now that Sonic's upcoming 'open world' adventure, Sonic Frontiers, was going to make some notable changes to the hedgehog's combat system - there's only so far that boosts, jumps and spins will get you against skyscraper-sized Guardians. Fortunately, the latest trailer (here re-uploaded by ShayRSynergy after Sega took down their initial release) showcases Sonic's new fighting moves in action, and it looks to be a lot more boosts, jumps and spins, only more complicated.

To be clear, this is not the first time that we have seen Sonic testing out these fists as previous trailers have shown him taking on enemies too, but this is the first detailed look at his new powers - and boy, is it detailed.

We knew that a skill tree was coming to Sonic Frontiers and the above trailer shows it in all of its upgradable glory. This looks to be a game where you start of with a limited number of moves and then unlock more by collecting the game's groundbreakingly-named 'skill pieces'.

There's a large information dump on the number of combos that you will be able to pull off in game, each with names that sound ripped straight from a YA novel - 'Phantom Rush', 'Sonic Boom' and 'Wild Rush'. On top of all of this, the trailer provides a rundown of abilities such as 'Cyloop', 'Parry' and Guardian tips.

We are sure that all of this will click as soon as we get to play the game, but the amount of information can be quite a lot to take in across the three minutes of footage and explanation. We recommend checking out the full trailer above for a detailed look at all of these new mechanics.

We are less than a month away now from Sonic Frontiers' release on November 8th, so there is not long to wait before we can try out these new combat mechanics for ourselves. We got a taster of them when we went hands-on with the game earlier this month. Check out the article below to see our thoughts on the experience.

What do you make of the new trailer? Are you excited to play Sonic Frontiers? Speed on down to the comments to let us know!

[source youtube.com, via nintendoeverything.com]