Breakers Collection

Apart from Glover, one of the many other games on display at QUByte's recent showcase was Breakers Collection.

We first covered the revival of this arcade and Neo Geo fighting series here on Nintendo Life a number of years ago, and since then it's skipped quite a few of its targeted release dates. Now, in the latest update, the 2-in-1 collection is aiming to launch on 12th January 2023.

Alongside a Nintendo Switch version of the game, there'll also be PlayStation, Xbox and Steam copies. This updated version containing Visco Corporation's Breakers (1996) and Breakers Revenge (1998) will include "more features and modes" such as online versus, rollback netcode, an art gallery, and a training mode.

An online open beta for the game will also be taking place on Steam on 4th November. A physical release by Strictly Limited has been confirmed as well:

Will you be giving this collection a go when it arrives on Switch? Comment below.