Mojang hosted its annual Minecraft Live broadcast this weekend, and as usual, there were a bunch of Minecraft-related announcements.

To kick off the show, the Minecraft Legends team narrowed down the release window for the upcoming action-strategy spin-off. Instead of it just being a "2023" release, it's now targeting a "spring" arrival next year.

As part of this announcement, Mojang showed off the game's intro cinematic. Here's a bit about it, along with a look:

"Begin your journey into the story of Minecraft Legends! Watch the legend start to unfold in a clip from the game’s opening cinematic as the piglins begin their rampage across the Overworld. From the very first little invader to the reveal of the mighty piglin hordes, it’s clear that the Overworld needs a hero..."

An exact date for Minecraft Legends hasn't been locked in just yet, but it's nice to have at least a rough idea of when this game will arrive. Apart from Nintendo Switch, the game will also be released on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

You can catch all of the Minecraft Legends coverage at Minecraft Live 2022 from around the 35-minute mark. This includes a four-player demo:

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