Mario Kart Tour Peach Witch
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour is getting ready for Halloween with its next tour. As laid out in a recent roadmap, the Halloween Tour kicks off on 18th October with spooky costumes, a Dry Bones suit for your Mii, and a new classic course in Mario Kart Super Circuit's GBA Boo Lake.

GBA Boo Lake hasn't been seen in another Mario Kart game since its debut, so this is a pretty interesting update! And, a new battle course is also coming to the game with the next tour — Mario Kart DS' Twilight House. The new contents drop at 10pm PT on 18th October, or 6am BST / 3pm AEST on 19th October.

Nowadays, the introduction of a new course gets people excited about what's coming in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Booster Course Pass. Wave 3 is due out this Holiday season, and GBA Boo Lake is now in the running.

We'd usually not try and overthink this, but this course was one of the many that were found in a datamine back in August, which was correct about both Merry Mountains and Peach Gardens. GBA Boo Lake is apparently meant to be in the same cup as Peach Gardens too, so we may well be seeing it on the Switch in the next few months too.

What do you think of GBA Boo Lake? Are you happy to see it returning? Let us know in the comments!