Mario Kart Tour Halloween
Image: Nintendo Life

Just when you thought that you couldn't possibly manage any more Mario news for one week, Mario Kart Tour glides into view to announce the beginning of their Autumn Celebration series.

In a tweet released by the game's official account, Mario Kart Tour has laid out its upcoming schedule until mid-November, announcing the Halloween Tour as the next major event along with all of the rewards that you will be able to get by placing highly in Ranked Cups.

The first of the Autumn Challenges begins today, allowing the chance to take home 48 rubies upon completion (a total which hardly scratches the surface on any in-game currency purchases, but hey, every little helps).

Beginning on October 18th, the Halloween Tour will bring with it new challenges and the chance to unlock the Red Vampire Flyer kart. We can't know for sure what the tour's circuit will be just yet, but it is bound to choose from one of the series' spooky range - is that the SNES Ghost Valley 3 that we spy in the small event image?

Until then, the game will continue with its current Battle Tour before turning back to some old school racing.

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