Sonic Frontiers
Image: Sega

If there's one thing you can always guarantee with a Sonic game, it's an absolutely banging soundtrack. And from what we've heard of Sonic Frontiers so far, we've been impressed. Leading the music for this game is veteran Sega composer Tomoya Ohtani, who first started out on 1999's Dreamcast cult classic ChuChu Rocket before working on Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Billy Hatcher.

Today, Ohtani has been promoting the upcoming Sonic Frontiers vinyl soundtrack — which Data Discs will be selling — on Twitter. And earlier, the composer was answering questions about the game's music, and he revealed that iconic Sonic composer and Crush 40 songwriter Jun Senoue hasn't composed or performed any music for the game.

In the response on Twitter, Ohtani says "Senoue-san has been a great support in Frontiers' music production, but he isn't involved in the composing/performing part of this title. With that said, I'm very thankful for his assistance."

However, he does go on to confirm that six composers and two arrangers have worked on the soundtrack alongside him, as well as plenty of other musicians "who play instruments", perhaps a cheeky nod to the credit many give to video game music composers, arrangers, and musicians.

Earlier, the composer also shared that the soundtrack will be coming to streaming services on 7th December. The disc version will be coming out in December, and it'll have over 150 tracks:

So there's nothing to worry about, as it sounds like the game is in good hands — especially if series history is anything to look at. The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account shared one of Ohtani's remixes a little while ago, and there's no way you can sit still listening to it.

Earlier, Data Discs shared a sample of Kronos Island, one of the game's many songs, on SoundCloud. It's not like any other Sonic soundtrack, but it's still absolutely brilliant. We can't wait to hear it in-game. Pre-orders for the vinyl open on Data Disc's website from 22nd October.

Are you excited about Sonic Frontiers' music? Disappointed in the lack of Senoue? Speed on down to the comments!