Ino Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Image: Nintendo / Monolith Soft

Wave 2 of the Expansion Pass for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is due to arrive tomorrow, 13th October. And while Nintendo and Monolith Soft have been light on details so far, we do know a handful of things that will be coming with the update.

Perfectly Nintendo has gathered all of the information for Wave 2, and we'll summarise the important parts for you so you know what to look out for in Ionios from 13th October (or 14th October in Europe and Japan).

Challenge Battle Mode

Challenge Battles make their return from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as does the Nopon Archsage. You'll need to go to the Land of Challenge, which you can get to via a portal at Llyn Nyddwr in the Ribbi Flats, Fornis Region. Teleport to the Llyn Nyddwr Camp and you won't be far off.

In the previous numbered game, you were given various combat challenges which involved taking out waves of enemies, or strong enemies, in a set time limit. It will likely be the same sort of setup here. You'll only be able to take part in this if you've bought the Expansion Pass and have downloaded the latest update.

More Challenge Battles will be added in Wave 3, which is due out sometime before 30th April 2023.


It's a JRPG, so of course, swimsuit costumes are coming. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you'll get these as rewards for completing Challenge Battles. Each character gets two swimsuit costumes — one in a standard colour, and the other in an alternative one.

That means there are 12 swimsuits to unlock.

Swimsuits Xenoblade 3
Image: Nintendo / Monolith Soft

A new Defender Hero

Ino, the Noponic Hero, will be a recruitable Hero if you have the Expansion Pass. She is a Defender class, but she has a few more quirks to her that make her stand out as a Hero.

Using her Inoswap and HD Ether Cylinders+ , she can learn new skills and abilities and update them too. She talks like a Nopon, tries to act pretty normally, and is an Artificial Blade. Rumour has it she's been created by a "Great Nopon". Hmmmm.

Details on how to recruit Ino haven't been shared yet, but we'll let you know when we find out.

We'll update you as soon as we know when Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Wave 2 drops. Will you be returning to Aionios this week? Let us know!