Grand Theft Auto
Image: Rock Star Games

As you might recall, the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition arrived on the Nintendo Switch late last year in a pretty rough state. Since then, it's received multiple updates to improve the overall experience across all three games.

Rockstar Games seems to have taken inspiration from Nintendo's stability patch notes in the latest update. For every platform, there have been "stability improvements across all three" Grand Theft Auto titles. This covers the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC version of the game.

When the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy arrived on the scene last November, it made headlines for frame rate issues, lots of bugs and glitches, low resolution and "awful" pop-in visuals that directly impacted core gameplay. The development team behind the game was quick to issue some updates, but certain problems weren't immediately resolved.

You can learn more about the state of this game at launch in our full Nintendo Life review:

Have you downloaded the latest update for the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on Switch? Notice any changes? Comment below.

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