Pink Gorilla
Image: @PinkGorillaLLC

Pink Gorilla Games, the famous Seattle-based retro gaming store, has been subjected to armed robbery, forcing the owners to consider relocating after 17 years.

As reported by our friends over at Time Extension, the incident occured on Monday night, during which a hooded and masked man demanded money and collectible cards after pretending to check out. He allegedly repeatedly asked the store assistants for a bag before branishing a firearm.

The exchange was caught on surveillance, but this was not enough to deter the offending individual, who - according to Pink Gorilla spokesperson Jordan Carson - carried out the crime because "his brother or someone was in the hospital".

In speaking with Fox13 Seattle, Carson said:

"It was very casual, he had his hands in his pocket the whole time, it was a subtle motion, but it got the job done. I knew he had a gun.

"In the moment, the conern was for me and Ash (co-worker) to just get out of there with no harm. It was an easy choice to give him what he wanted."

The incident folows multiple instances of theft from the store in just the last six months alone, with store owner Cody Spencer now indicating that a relocation may well be in order:

""This is our original location. We’ve been there 17 years. It’s a major Seattle tourist attraction. Relocating would be heartbreaking and financially devastating."

In responding to a thread reply, Spencer also indicated that his focus remains on the safety of his colleagues over any monetary value potentially lost, stating that "I just can't operate with this type of threat".

At the time of writing, police are still searching for the offending robber.

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