Kirby 30th Anniversary Plushies 1
Image: Aitai Kuji

For the most part, Nintendo plushies come and go without catching our attention. Sure, there are some notable exceptions like last week's Judd and Li'l Judd cushions, and who can forget that big round Spheal from earlier this year?? But then you see an announcement like 'Kirby Mouthful Mode plushies are coming in December, 2022' and all of a sudden, every other plushie fades into irrelevance.

Yes, there is a Car Mouth plushie on its way. Yes, it is big.

Thanks to @Toadsanime on Twitter, we caught wind of the upcoming Kirby 30th anniversary collection from Aitai Kuji and it has been living in our heads rent-free ever since. The release date for the items is currently listed for December 2022, with international delivery being available with anything between a two to twelve-week wait time (we guess Kirb won't be driving home for Christmas this year).

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The anniversary collection consists of a huge range of Kirby-themed goodies, with plushies including a number of Mouthful Mode-inspired pieces such as Pipe Mouth, Light Bulb, Vending Machine and (our personal favourite) Car-by. The Kirby Car is available in three different sizes - but come on, anyone who says that they wouldn't pick the largest one is lying.

We have collected some of our favourite products below, but be sure to head over to Aitai Kuji to see the collection in full.

The plushies range in price, selling for anywhere between ¥1,760 (around £10 / 12€) for the smaller models to ¥5,200 (£30 / 35€) for the chunkier guys. With international shipping available, we imagine that a fair few Christmas lists will gaining an item or two in the coming days.

Which part of this Kirby collection are you after? Let us know your preferred plushie in the comments below!

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