Big Spheal

Update [Tue 27th Sep, 2022 12:45 BST]: Folks, it's official — the big ol' Spheal plush which was previously exclusive to Japan is now available in America!

The company revealed via the official @Pokemon Twitter that the much-admired Spheal plushie can now be purchased on the Pokémon Center US store for a whopping $449.99 - -but come on, if you have the money available, how could you turn down this round boi?

Unfortunately, the spherical seal Pokémon remains unavailable on the UK store, meaning that no orders will be rolling out (hehe) to Europe for the time being.

Original article [Fri 15th Jul, 2022 17:30 BST]: Everyone knows the best Pokémon are the spherical ones, and Pokémon Center Japan has finally seen the light, announcing a new "life size" Spheal plush.

(For the record, Spheal is about 80cm tall. Or... wide. Because he is round. The plush is 80 × 98 × 100cm.)

Big Spheal costs 49,500 yen, or about $350 / £300, putting him almost in line with the $500 four-foot Mareep plush from the meme.

The Spheal, which weighs 7.5kg, is made of cooling fabric, which means he's always slightly cool to the touch, just like a real seal (probably). It's only available in Japan for now, from the Pokémon Center website, which does not ship outside of Japan.

Have some of the official promo images to cheer you up:

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