2021's Blue Fire, a rather brilliant 3D platformer that mixes up sword-based combat with challenging platforming, is getting yet another free DLC expansion on 1st November, following last year's 'Void of Sorrows'.

'Void Maker' introduced some pretty grotesque stuff, such as levels filled with eyeballs and tons of deadly traps. There are 24 fiendish stages to make your way through, built by both developer Robi Studios and community members. And you'll be able to make your own levels, too!

Graffiti Games had this to share about this plethora of new additions:

Let you imagination run wild with the Blue Fire: Void Maker DLC from Graffiti Games and Robi Studios. Available for free on November 1, you will be able to build levels filled with giant donuts, eyeballs, dragons and more, as well as play 24 new Void levels.

Void Maker Features
- Play 24 new Void levels built by Robi Studios and members of the community!
- Use a vast number of tools and assets to unleash your creativity and make interesting and original 3D platforming levels!
- The wide arsenal of tools, assets, visuals, gameplay modes, and options will allow you to create unique and very original ideas that expand outside of the core Blue Fire gameplay!
- Leap through deadly traps and master movement to navigate gradually demanding platforming challenges.

Brilliant fan-made levels, even more tricky challenges, and donuts? Overrides the eyeballs, we think. And we'll take any excuse to come back to this.

Blue Fire's Void Maker DLC drops on 1st November on the Switch, and it's free! Will you be returning to explore the void? Let us know!