Analogue Pocket
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Here's something for retro gaming fans to celebrate this morning — thanks to Adam Gastineau, you can now play NES games on your Analogue Pocket.

This tiny little handheld device can already play a number of retro handheld games with FPGA accuracy, and now you can add the 8-bit Nintendo console to the line-up. Gastineau is also responsible for the Pocket's SNES core, which was made available last week (thanks, Time Extension!).

The NES games are able to be played with four players, saves have been implemented, as well as video options and additional palettes. Save States are coming later down the line.

Multiple NES games are available via the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, but if you have the Pocket, this should open up an even bigger world of '80s classics from Nintendo's system.

If you're curious about the Analogue Pocket, make sure you give Time Extension's review of the system a read!

Let us know you're itching to play NES games on your Analogue Pocket in the comments!

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