Image: Re-Logic, 505 Games

Although Re-Logic issued its 'Journey's End' update for Terraria on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, it's not done with the game just yet.

The team behind this 2D crafting, survival and exploration experience has now released a brand new 'Labor of Love' update. It bumps the game up to Version 1.4.4 and includes new content, bug fixes, new special seeds, UI and QoL changes, a balance and melee overhaul, console and mobile-specific changes, and much more!

The team has also shared a special message - thanking fans and explaining how it wanted to "round out and polish" the Terraria experience with this entirely free update:

Image: Re-Logic

You can see the incredibly lengthy patch notes on the official Terraria forums. Will you be returning to Terraria to try out this latest update? Tell us in the comments. For more information about this game, be sure to check out our Switch review.

[source forums.terraria.org, via nintendoeverything.com]