Brawler64 Wireless Bluetooth Switch
Image: Retro Fighters

We've covered Retro Fighters' rather-lovely controllers (and peripherals) a few times here at Nintendo Life, but the company's newest Kickstarter has just launched, and it looks like a fantastic upgrade to the original Brawler64 controller.

The Brawler64 N64 Bluetooth Wireless is a brand new controller that, just like its predecessors, is inspired by the N64. But this upgrade, like its wired counterpart, is compatible with PC and Switch. Coming in three gorgeous colours — Gray, Transparent Blue, and Arctic White — Retro Fighters plan to ship the controllers early next year. The project is fully-funded already, but you can still contribute to the Kickstarter to get your hands on this retro-inspired controller first.

The controller's newest features include all the little tools you'd expect to find on a Switch controller — "+" and "-" buttons, a screenshot button — but something that's brand new is a "Swap" button. This nifty little feature will allow you to change between the traditional Switch Pro controller layout and the Nintendo Switch Online button layout whenever you want.

The controller also has dual vibration feedback, so this is the closest we'll get to having a Rumble Pack. It's just looking like a really sleek, complete package, and we're excited to see these get released.

As we mentioned above, the controllers are fully-funded, but there are a few Stretch Goals available You'll have the perfect Splatoon 3 companion if the project hits $100k, as Retro Fighters will be adding motion controls. If it hits $200k, then there will be a limited edition Gold controller!

The Kickstarter ends on 3rd October, so you still have a few more weeks to contribute! Make sure you check out the Kickstarter page for more details, and you can also see what other controllers are available on the Retro Fighters website.

Let us know what you think of the Brawler64 N64 Bluetooth Wireless controller in the comments!

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