Masahiro Sakurai Face IMG

Last month, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai launched his own YouTube channel about creating games in English and Japanese.

Fans flocked to both channels and they quickly skyrocketed in subscribers. Now, just weeks later, he's shown off the silver Play Button he received from YouTube for surpassing 100,000 subscribers. He also used this opportunity to thank fans once again for their support. Here's his message by Google Translate:

"quick!!!! The time has come to take up this shield. This is all thanks to those who have subscribed to my channel. thank you very much!"

His English channel now has more than 440,000 subscribers. Combined, his Japanese and English channels have already surpassed 800k subscribers. The Play Button that follows on from this is the Gold one, requiring one million subscribers.

Sakurai now has more than 10 videos on his channel, with his latest one focusing on the copy ability in Kirby's Adventure. Every video Sakurai uploads is shared across both channels in Japanese and English.

And even though he's gained a lot of traction, Sakurai has said on a few occasions now that he's not interested in earnings from either channel. He just wants to give back to the games industry and also help aspiring game developers around the globe.

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