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Image: Guinness World Records

By this point, if you've heard of Donkey Kong, then you've also probably heard of Billy Mitchell. The former 'King of Kong' held multiple world records in arcade games such as Pac-Man and the aforementioned, but many have since been called into question, with some accusing him of playing via Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Mitchell denies the allegations and has even taken action against Guinness World Records supplier Twin Galaxies.

Now, due to those allegations, Mitchell is claiming that his doctor of 30 years is refusing to see him because he believes he's a cheat. In a new testimony shared on Perfect Pac-Man, this rather unusual claim states:

"After Twin Galaxies’ defamatory statements of April 12, 2018, one of Responding Party’s doctors, Dr. Stanley Skopit, refused to see Responding Party after Responding Party appeared for an annual examination. When Responding Party Arrived for his examination, the assistant to Dr. Skopit informed Mitchell that Dr. Skopit would not see him... the assistant informed Responding Party that Dr. Skopit read the allegations from Twin Galaxies."

Mitchell states that the stress of the case has caused him to suffer from a hernia and atrial fibrillation. This testimony comes as part of the deposition process, as he has had to respond to requests for admission and production.

The lawsuit with Mitchell and Twin Galaxies is ongoing, but this saga has been continuing for a good few years now, with no signs of stopping soon. Originally, Mitchell's lawsuit against Twin Galaxies may never have gone through due to a SLAPP (anti-“strategic lawsuit against public participation”) motion, but the State of California’s Second Appellate rejected Twin Galaxies' motion.

Kotaku has reached out to Mitchell's doctor for a statement.