Coming from indie developer Three Eyed Games, A Winding Path will see you thrown into a fantasy world in which the rain has ceased to fall, the rivers are drying up and the crops are failing — sounds pleasant, right? Fortunately, this monochrome adventure is all about putting this world right, and publisher Flynn's Arcade has announced that you will be able to undertake this planet-saving mission on Switch from October 27th.

A bleak set-up like this is usually conveyed through a similarly bleak art style, awash with shadow and darkness. Three Eyed Games has decided to take the opposite approach, stripping back the game's style to its bare bones - if, that is, stickmen have bones.

As seen from the trailer above, the game's hand-drawn art style and string soundtrack make this minimalist adventure seem less edge-of-your-seat action and more snuggle-up-with-a-cup-o'-cocoa, but hey, sometimes that's all we need!

For a full list of the game's features, check out the list from its eShop listing below:

- Explore the peaceful atmosphere of a lovingly crafted, hand-drawn 2D world.
- Mend a world stricken by distrust and restore unity among its inhabitants.
- Meet colorful characters and help them solve troubles big and small.
- Explore ancient caverns, enchanting forests and busy settlements.
- Discover the secrets of the land and the magic within.

While this side-scroller definitely looks like it will be taking the 'rough' out of 'rough sketch', the simple visuals and wholesome-sounding story have us ready to get our comfy clothes on as cozy Winter gaming creeps back into our lives. There's even an archery minigame to sink our teeth into.

It's been out on Steam since last year, and A Winding Path will release on the Switch eShop on October 27th for £6.99 / 6.99€ / $6.99, with a 20% launch discount to be put in place for its first week. It may look simple, but at least you won't have to part with that much paper to give it a go.

What do you make of this quiet side-scroller? Put virtual pen to virtual paper in the comments below!