Publisher Apogee Entertainment has announced a brand new 2D platforming adventure called LUCID that it has described as a 'Celestoidvania' (we're not sure what to make of that particular moniker!), combining the excellent gameplay mechanics of Celeste with the exploration and non-linearity of Metroid and Castlevania.

Coming to the Switch in 2024, LUCID will boast a "massive overworld" and tasks players with solving challenging puzzles, facing off against fearsome beasts, and revisiting previously explored areas with brand new items and weaponry. Sure sounds like your typical Metroidvania!

The combat itself features mechanics known as 'Crystal Arts', which are rewarded to the player at various intervals during gameplay. These allow for both ranged and close-combat abilities, so swapping between them during battles will be essential to achieving victory.

Eric Manahan, founder of developer Matte Black studio, had the following to say:

“With LUCID, I’m devoted to letting players tell as much of the story as they like, in precisely their own way. From the narrative threads you choose to tug on, to the Crystal Arts and movement tech you embrace the most, LUCID aims to let you write your own legend in a shattered world of platforming bliss.”

We'll be sure to provided more info on LUCID as and when we hear it in the coming months ahead.

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