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Update: No less than minutes after we shared the news that the My Nintendo Store was still down in the UK, it's back online!

Coincidence? Yes. Though we'd like to think we spurred on the store's re-opening.

Head on over there to take a look at it!

Original article: The UK 'My Nintendo Store' has been down for maintenance since late last week, and some fans here in the UK are getting a little concerned.

The maintenance was first spotted on ResetEra last week on Thursday 22nd September, but as of today — 28th September — the store is still down. We've checked the European and US stores today, and those all seem to be live at the time of writing this.

Some people suspected that the maintenance was to prepare for pre-orders of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's Limited Edition in the UK (and Europe), which was delayed before the game's launch. pre-orders are due to open "later in September". However, given that it's been almost a week, it seems unlikely, which has some people worried about getting their hands on the special edition.

Here's the statement on the My Nintendo Store page:

"We are currently performing maintenance.

During this period you will not be able to place orders, or use and view My Nintendo Store as you normally would. Any recent orders will be delivered as specified in your order confirmation email.

In case of any questions, you can contact our Customer Service team for more details about the status of your order(s)."

My Nintendo Store Statement
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This story seems very similar to when the EU My Nintendo Store was down for maintenance earlier this year. We were notified of the issue back in July, and the store re-opened in August with a new design.

We'll keep an eye on the UK Store and let you know when it re-opens, as well as when Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Limited Editions become available in the UK and Europe. In the meantime, you can check your pre-order options for the Limited Edition in our guide:

Are you waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Limited Edition pre-orders to open up? Let us know!

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