Super Mario
Image: Nintendo

Following a contentious casting announcement, and a period of delays and new release dates, we found out that Illumination's upcoming Mario movie (tentatively titled Super Mario Bros.) will be getting its first teaser trailer at New York Comic Con on October 6th. However, Twitter account has since been spotted — and verified — for the movie!

Without making a single post, the @supermariomovie account has already amassed 13.6k followers (by our latest count). This, combined with the account's verified status, definitely makes us think that we are looking at the real deal here, and thousands of followers seem to agree. If you thought that the anticipation had gone down the warp pipe, think again.

We imagine that the first official post will be powering up over the course of the next week, with just a few days left until we get a first look at the movie. Lead actor Chris Pratt (a fact that we are still not quite over) says that he has seen the trailer and was 'blown away' — high praise indeed. But then again, this is the star of the film talking!

As it appears now, the Twitter account looks a little ominous, all blacked-out with no posts to show.

Super Mario Movie Twitter
Image: @supermariomovie

Whether the account will uniquely post trailers or if we can finally have some of our movie questions answered remains to be seen; but please, for the love of Peach, can we finally learn what the film's official title is?

What are you hoping to see in next week's trailer? Get your denim overalls on and let us know in the comments!