Live ALive Art
Image: Square Enix

Producer Takashi Tokata has revealed that Live A Live, Square Enix's 2022 HD-2D remake of the 1994 Super Famicom hidden gem, has smashed past 500,000 sales worldwide since its release in July this year.

Tokata, composer Yoko Shimomura, and comedian Nobuo shared this milestone during a livestream today, which celebrates the original game's 28th anniversary, which is today! (Thanks, The Famicast!)

Once a Japan-exclusive title, the Switch remake allowed a new generation to experience what many have called a classic. And, now we've had the chance to play it, we completely understand the hype from those who managed to play the Super Famicom version. We gave it a glowing 8/10 in our review:

500k might not be a huge number compared to other Square Enix games, but in just over a month, for a niche, pixel art remake that's a console exclusive? Not bad at all! For context, the Super Famicom game has sold 270k units.

Also announced during the livestream, there will be a Live A Live concert in Japan next year, and Shimomura will be performing, as well as Undertale's Toby Fox. The game designer and composer has gone on record saying he was influenced by Live A Live, and his most-famous track — Megalovania — is based on the boss theme of Live A Live, called 'Megalomania'.

We're excited for the future of HD-2D and Square Enix, and we hope these sales will encourage the publisher and developer to bring over more obscure JRPGs to the west. Or even just remake some of our SNES favourites!

You can check out the full Live A Live anniversary stream below.

What do you think of these sales figures? Are you happy to see Live A Live selling well? Let us know!

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