Perfect Dark Box Art
Image: Rare

We often laud Rare's incredible library of games on the N64, and while the focus has recently been on its seminal movie tie-in shooter GoldenEye 007 over the past week, we want to turn your attention to Perfect Dark for just a few minutes. Footage of one of the game's cut features from E3 1999 has been shared online.

As highlighted by @Musical1250 on Twitter (thanks Time Extension!), the archived footage comes from Hard4Games' YouTube video (see below), as provided to them by livingaretrogaminglife.

Perfect Head mode was intended to use photos imported from the Game Boy Camera via the Transfer Pak. This would allow you to pop your face — albeit a little more polygonal than in real life — onto the heads of guards. The feature was eventually cut from the game due to tech issues, but it was shown off during E3 1999. We've seen screenshots of the mode before, but this is one of the first times we've actually seen it in action!

It's a little uncanny, isn't it? Well, if we were actually N64 character models in real life that is. Maybe. Still, it's pretty impressive, and we would've loved to have seen it make the cut, but that's video game development, folks!

For a better look, Hard4Games' one-hour video covers a bunch of new footage from that same E3 show. You can edit the photo in-game by cropping it and adjusting the lighting, and also change the positioning of the photo on the face. It's... interesting. Perhaps we could've used it to scare our friends, instead.

Even without this feature, Perfect Dark turned out to be a rather excellent shooter, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't want to see it make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass service.

Let us know what you think of this cut feature in the comments!

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