Publisher Phoenix Labs has announced Fae Farm, a brand new farming sim that "invites players to escape with friends into an enchanted world filled with wonder".

Due to launch in Q2 2023, Fae Farm is being built with co-op play in mind and lets you drop in and out of sessions both online and via local multiplayer. You'll be able to build farms with your friends, take on quests together, and work to restore harmony to the land of Azoria.

Katie De Sousa, Creative Director on Fae Farm, had the following to say:

“With Fae Farm we wanted to take our favorite elements of the sim genres we love, infuse them with magic and beautiful art, and wrap everything in a light-hearted cooperative experience. I can’t wait to see what kind of cozy homesteads players build in Azoria.”

We'll be sure to provide more updates on Fae Farm as we get them.

Are you looking forward to a new farming sim from Phoenix Labs? Grab your sythe and hoe and let us know (hey, we're poets, we don't know it)!