Who wants another Square Enix announcement? Back in 2020, the company revealed a brand new Dragon Quest spin-off game based on the manga and anime Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. Two years later, we now know that the game — developed by Game Studio and Kai Graphics — is coming to Switch in a simultaneous worldwide release.

No specific date has been announced for Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai yet, but we'll be getting more information during the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off later tonight. On 18th September at 12:45pm JST (that's a very early 4:45am in the UK, or 11:45pm EST) we'll get a glimpse at the “Temple of Recollection” and “Memento Bonds” (thanks Gematsu!).

Sporting gorgeous cell-shaded visuals and Akira Toriyama's signature art style, the game should keep fans happy (alongside December's Dragon Quest Treasures) until we get more info on the elusive Dragon Quest XII.

Have you read or watched Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai? Are you excited to try the game out? Tell us down below!

[source gematsu.com]