Disney Speedstorm
Image: Gameloft / Disney

Following on from a reveal at Disney's video game showcase last weekend, Disney Speedstorm has now announced another playable racer on the way.

This time round it's the Mickey Mouse character Goofy and he'll be joining the race after the launch of the game. Here's a quick look:

Last weekend, it was announced the Monsters Inc. cast would be joining the game. This includes Mike, Sulley, Randall and Celia, along with a new themed track. You can see more in our previous post:

Disney Speedstorm will be "coming soon" to multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch. Disney also announced Disney Illusion Island last weekend. Goofy will also be a playable character in this.

What do you think of the latest character reveal for Disney Speedstorm? Comment down below.

[source twitter.com, via nintendoeverything.com]