Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image: Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley proved to be a bit of a surprise at launch, and we found it to be a charming, heartfelt take on the life sim genre in our review. However, we noticed that the game wasn't well optimised for Switch, and since launch, others have reported multiple bugs with this version of the game.

Gameloft, the developer behind this Disney take on Animal Crossing, has been taking note thankfully. Over the past few days on Twitter, the studio has been detailing bugs that have been pointed out as well as some fixes that it has made since the game's release earlier this week. There are a few more tweaks to come, too (thanks, GoNintendo!).

So far, Gameloft has managed to fix an issue with the Founder's Pack, which wasn't appearing in the player's mailbox. Name filtering was also preventing some from using their name in-game, but now this issue has also been resolved — with a promised update to let players change their names in the works.

Fixes that the team are currently working on include: Cloud Save issues, where players need to attempt to create a Cloud Save multiple times before it actually works, and changing outfits on an avatar ported into Early Access doesn't always work. Gameloft is hoping to get updates for these issues soon.

Given the nature of the game and its current Early Access release, Gameloft looks to be supporting Disney Dreamlight Valley for a long time to come. If you haven't yet jumped in, you can find out what comes in each of the Founder's Packs below:

Have you gone the distance and picked up Disney Dreamlight Valley? Or do you want to be part of that world? Let us know down below!

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