Square Enix had an incredibly healthy showing during today's Nintendo Direct, and one of its biggest announcements was an official release date for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The remake of the PSP game is launching on Switch (and other consoles) on 13th December with beautiful visuals and rearranged music.

The developer released a separate trailer for the game after the Direct, which shows highlights from the game's story. Crisis Core is a prequel to the original PlayStation smash RPG Final Fantasy VII and shows Zack Fair's story as a Soldier at Shinra.

Though the trailer looks stunning, and the Direct promised "enhanced HD graphics", we do know that the Switch release will have some differences in performance on the console. Still, we'll be able to play it portably, just like on the PSP.

We've also managed to grab some rather lovely-looking screenshots, with some new characters who debuted in the original Crisis Core, alongside favourites such as Aerith and Sephiroth.

Are you excited to try out Crisis Core on Switch on 13th December? Let us know!