Bear and Breakfast has been on our list of "games to look out for" since it was announced, but when the Switch release date was pushed back from late July to an unknown new date, we made one of those bear-disappointment sounds. You know, like "bbbbrrraaaaaaaawwrrrrr".

The delay was a much-needed one — the team behind the game, Gummy Cat, was having trouble making Bear and Breakfast play nice with the Switch controller, so they took the time to perfect it before release. The game came out as planned on the PC on the 28th July, but without controller support.

We're very thankful to everyone for being so patient with us and we're so excited to finally get Hank on a console we've loved from day one. We hope everyone has a fun and relaxing time hanging out with the bear on the Switch.
-Rares Cinteza, Game Director at Gummy Cat

Now, it seems like Gummy Cat has mastered the controller, as they've announced today that Bear and Breakfast will be coming to the Switch at last on September 15th, 2022. It will cost $19.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop, and all players who own the PC version will get a free update to add controller support soon after.