The GameCube might not have had the same widespread appeal as the PlayStation 2 or the original Xbox, but it was still an amazing gaming system. One thing it arguably did better than other systems at the time was wireless controllers - with the Wavebird considered by many as the pioneer of modern wireless gamepads.

If you didn't get hold of a Wavebird in the end, or just want to use another wireless controller while playing your GameCube, you might be interested in the BlueRetro GameCube kit - a new "stealth mod" co-developed by LasterBear Industries and creator DarthCoud64 that allows you to pair select Bluetooth controllers with your system.

In the latest episode of Retro Renew, YouTube channel Macho Nacho Productions has taken a look at this new easy-to-install kit that allows GameCube fans to convert the front controller ports into a wireless receiver.

There's no soldering required, and it's a "no cut" mod - with a super responsive wireless signal. There's even an online interface to update firmware and pair controllers. Of course, the ports can also be used with wired controllers. Here are the compatible controllers:

  • Playstation 3/4/5
  • Xbox One/SeriesX/S
  • Switch Controllers
  • 8BitDo (xinput mode)
  • Wii Controllers
  • Generic HID Bluetooth controllers
  • Bluetooth Keyboards (emulate the ASCII Keyboard Controller)

As for the price and release date - this mod will retail at $100 USD, and pre-orders are now open via LaserBear Industries for $95.00 - with a delivery currently estimated for November. You can learn more about the controller on the company's website. What do you think of this kit based on the above video? Leave your thoughts down below.