Publisher Team17 is bringing Hokko Life to Switch this September! If you remember as far back as 2020, we talked about this game as having some serious Animal Crossing vibes, and now it's hopping over to a Nintendo platform on the 27th September.

Developed by Wonderscope Games, Hokko Life has been in Steam Early Access since July 2021 and, since then, has seen a ton of updates that bring more customisation, more skills, and even a little bit of Stardew Valley into the mix. You can visit a distant city centre (think City Folk!), unlock perks to make village life just a bit easier, and craft and customise clothes, furniture, and more!

Placing furniture and building houses is now much easier, and you can select just where you want your items to go. And all of the villagers are animals who speak in Animalese-type voices! It's just way too cosy for us — the perfect game for the Fall season, really.

Of everything, we're particularly excited to dive into the city part of Hokko Life. We love Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but we do miss visiting a bustling town and going shopping elsewhere.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the game's features, straight from Team17's press release:

Hokko Life Key Features:

- Get Creative: The workshop awaits as players take control over every aspect of Hokko, with the 3D design tool, every aspect of a player’s creation can be tailored to perfection
- Dare to Design: No detail is too small, everything from the colour, fabric, and angle of the pillow on a chair can be edited
- Sharing is Caring: Players will be able to share their meticulously crafted designs with friends and other players around the world
- Back of the Net: A lazy afternoon in Hokko can be spent with a net or pole in hand, catching and collecting the critters crawling around town
- Meet the Neighbours: Hokko’s townsfolk offer a warm welcome, and with varying personalities, they all make for fantastic friends.

Are you excited to get cosy with some more animal villagers? Hokko Life will be settling down on the Switch next month, on the 27th September. And we're ready to move into another brand new life.

Have you played Hokko Life in Early Access? Are you looking forward to the game's Switch release? Let us know in the comments!