Xbox Adaptive Controller
Image: Xbox

Accessibility is something that needs a lot more attention in the video game space, and one company helping to make people more aware of this is Microsoft's gaming division at Xbox.

The team released the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018 and has also published guidelines to help developers and publishers make their own games more accessible.

According to former NoA president Reggie Fils-Aimé (who is currently doing the press rounds to promote his new book), Nintendo supposedly had plans to use Xbox's Adaptive Controller as a "jumping-off point to create something that would be platform-agnostic and adaptable by any consumer" (via Inverse).

He's not sure if the project is still in development, but it was intended to be another "adaptive controller" that could be played on any of the latest platforms:

“Imagine an adaptive controller that you could play with your latest Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo platform. That's what we were working on three years ago...My hope is that the effort has continued. I'm not sure if it has or has not...But also, my hope is that controller — and the ability for that controller to connect with all of the various systems — is launched and shared with consumers as quickly as possible.”

Since the release of Xbox's Adaptive Controller, there have been plenty of feel-good stories associated with the device.

In one case, the controller allowed an inspiring young girl to play Animal Crossing on the Switch. Third-party accessory makers like Hori have also released their own accessibility devices.

Do you think the games industry is doing enough when it comes to accessibility? Would you like to see Nintendo do more in this area of gaming? Leave your thoughts down below.

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